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Paketti: kapptemplate (2.2.2-3.2)

creates a framework to develop a KDE application

KAppTemplate is a shell script that will create the necessary framework to develop various KDE applications. It takes care of the autoconf/automake code as well as providing a skeleton and example of what the code typically looks like.

This package is part of the KDE Software Development Kit.

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    A tool for generating GNU Standards-compliant Makefiles.
    myös näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa automake1.5
  • rec: kdelibs-dev (>> 4:2.0)
    KDE core libraries (development files)
  • rec: xlibs-dev
    X Window System client library development files
    tai xlib6g-dev
    pseudopackage providing X library development files

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