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Paket: zmailer ( och andra)

Mailer for Extreme Performance Demands

This is a package that implements an internet message transfer agent called ZMailer. It is intended for gateways or mail servers or other large site environments that have extreme demands on the abilities of the mailer. It was motivated by the problems of the Sendmail design in such situations. Zmailer is one of the mailers able to deal with huge quantities of mail and is more efficient any other mailer, qmail included.

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  • dep: libc6 [i386, m68k]
    The GNU C library version 2 (run-time files).
    dep: libc6 (>= 2.0.99) [sparc]
  • dep: libc6.1 [alpha]
    GNU C Library: shared libraries
  • dep: libgdbmg1
    GNU dbm database routines (runtime version). [libc6 version]
  • dep: liblockfile0 (>= 0.1-1) [alpha, sparc]
    Shared library with NFS-safe locking functions.
  • dep: netbase (>= 3.01-1)
    Basic TCP/IP networking binaries
  • sug: mail-user-agent
    Paketet inte tillgängligt
  • sug: metamail
    An implementation of MIME.

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Hämtningar för alla tillgängliga arkitekturer
Arkitektur Version Paketstorlek Installerad storlek Filer
alpha 904,1 kbyte2139 kbyte [filförteckning]
i386 763,3 kbyte1655 kbyte [filförteckning]
m68k 716,5 kbyte1542 kbyte [filförteckning]
sparc 786,8 kbyte1764 kbyte [filförteckning]