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软件包: courier-mta (0.53.3-5)

Courier Mail Server - ESMTP daemon

This ESMTP daemon uses an efficient maildir format as its native storage format, supports IPv6, implements SMTP extensions for mailing list management and features integrated mail filtering. It can function as an intermediate mail relay, relaying mail between an internal LAN and the Internet, or perform final delivery to mailboxes.

标签: User Interface: Daemon, Electronic Mail: Mail Transport Agent, Networking: Server, Service, Network Protocol: SMTP, Role: Program, Works with: Email

其他与 courier-mta 有关的软件包

  • 依赖
  • 推荐
  • 建议
  • dep: courier-authlib [除 amd64]
    Courier authentication library
  • dep: courier-base (>= 0.53.3)
    Courier Mail Server - Base system
  • dep: libc6 (>= 2.3.5-1) [除 alpha, i386, ia64]
    GNU C Library: Shared libraries
    dep: libc6 (>= 2.3.6-6) [i386]
  • dep: libc6.1 (>= 2.3.5-1) [alpha, ia64]
    GNU C Library: Shared libraries
  • dep: libgcc1 (>= 1:4.1.1-12) [除 hppa]
    GCC 支持库
  • dep: libgcc4 (>= 4.1.1-12) [hppa]
    GCC 支持库
  • dep: libgdbm3
    GNU dbm 数据库
  • dep: libperl5.8 (>= 5.8.8)
    Shared Perl library
  • dep: libstdc++6 (>= 4.1.1-12)
    GNU 标准 C++ 库第三版
  • dep: libunwind7 (>= 0.98.5-6) [ia64]
    用于检测程序中的函数调用链的库 - 运行时

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硬件架构 软件包大小 安装后大小 文件
alpha 1,504.3 kB4392 kB [文件列表]
amd64 1,392.1 kB3924 kB [文件列表]
arm 1,312.3 kB3716 kB [文件列表]
hppa 1,548.3 kB3952 kB [文件列表]
i386 1,326.4 kB3540 kB [文件列表]
ia64 1,694.0 kB5256 kB [文件列表]
mips 1,554.0 kB4372 kB [文件列表]
mipsel 1,434.5 kB4372 kB [文件列表]
powerpc 1,500.4 kB3968 kB [文件列表]
s390 1,515.2 kB3916 kB [文件列表]
sparc 1,426.7 kB3752 kB [文件列表]