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套件: jiffy (19990706-3)

Visualization for nec-based antenna designs

It is never been easier to design antennas! Most hams enjoy ``fiddling'' with antennas, but comparatively few of us are really interested in doing one-handed chin-ups at fifty feet above the cold frozen earth on a snowy and windy night in January.

Jiffy will make life a lot easier for you. It can make a drawing from the antenna design that you made and it can display elevation and azimuth patterns from the nec output.

其他與 jiffy 有關的套件

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  • dep: blt
    Shared libraries for blt
  • dep: tclsh
    本虛擬套件由這些套件提供: tcl8.0, tcl8.0-ja, tcl8.2
    或者 tcl8.2
    The Tool Command Language (TCL) v8.2 - Run-Time Files.
  • dep: wish
    本虛擬套件由這些套件提供: tk8.0, tk8.0-ja, tk8.2
    或者 tk8.2
    The Tk toolkit for TCL and X11 v8.2 - Run-Time Files.
  • sug: nec
    NEC2 Antenna Modelling System

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alpha 248.8 kB317 kB [文件列表]
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i386 248.8 kB424 kB [文件列表]
m68k 248.6 kB315 kB [文件列表]
powerpc 248.8 kB317 kB [文件列表]
sparc 248.8 kB317 kB [文件列表]