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Software-Pakete in »sarge«, Unterbereich comm

asterisk (1:1.0.7.dfsg.1-2sarge6)
open source Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
asterisk-app-dtmftotext (0.0.20050203-4)
Text entry application for Asterisk
asterisk-app-fax (0.0.20050203-4)
Softfax application for Asterisk
asterisk-chan-capi (0.3.5-11)
Common ISDN API 2.0 implementation for Asterisk
asterisk-config (1:1.0.7.dfsg.1-2sarge6)
config files for asterisk
asterisk-gtk-console (1:1.0.7.dfsg.1-2sarge6)
gtk based console for asterisk
asterisk-h323 (1:1.0.7.dfsg.1-2sarge6)
asterisk H.323 VoIP channel
asterisk-oh323 (0.6.6pre3-3)
oh323 channel driver for Asterisk
asterisk-prompt-de (1.0-1)
German prompts for the Asterisk PBX
asterisk-prompt-fr (0.0.20040928-1)
French voice prompts for Asterisk
asterisk-prompt-se (0.8-2)
Swedish voice prompts for Asterisk
asterisk-sounds-main (1:1.0.7.dfsg.1-2sarge6)
sound files for asterisk
asterisk-web-vmail (1:1.0.7.dfsg.1-2sarge6)
web based (GCI) voice mail interface for asterisk
binkd (0.9.8-1)
FidoTech TCP/IP mailer
capi4hylafax (1:01.02.03-10sarge2)
Faxing over CAPI 2.0 device
capisuite (0.4.5-3)
easy fax and voice box solution for ISDN/CAPI capable devices
ckermit (211-5) [non-free]
a serial and network communications package
conserver-client (8.1.1-2) [non-free]
connect to a console server
conserver-server (8.1.1-2) [non-free]
connect multiple user to a serial console with logging
cu (1.07-12)
call up another system
cyclades-serial-client (0.92)
Network Serial port client software for Cyclades terminal servers
drdsl (1.0.3-2) [non-free]
DSL Assistant for AVM DSL/ISDN-Controllers
efax (1:0.9a-15)
Programs to send and receive fax messages
efax-gtk (2.2.15-1)
front end in Gtk+/Gtkmm for the efax program
gkermit (1.0-4)
A serial and network communications package
gnokii (0.6.5-1)
Datasuite for the mobile phones (console & X)
gnokii-smsd (0.6.5-1)
SMS Daemon for Nokia mobile phones
gnokii-smsd-mysql (0.6.5-1)
SMSD plugin for the MySQL RDBMS
gnokii-smsd-pgsql (0.6.5-1)
SMSD plugin for the PostgreSQL RDBMS
gnugk (2:2.2.1-5)
OpenH323 Gatekeeper - The GNU Gatekeeper
gr-audio-oss (0.5-3)
GNU Radio interface to OSS audio
gsm-utils (1.10-5)
GSM mobile phone access applications
gtkterm (0.99.4-2)
A simple GTK+ serial port terminal
hylafax-client (1:4.2.1-5sarge3)
Flexible client/server fax software - client utilities
hylafax-server (1:4.2.1-5sarge3)
Flexible client/server fax software - server daemons
ifcico (2.14tx8.10-18)
Fidonet Technology transport package
ifgate (2.14tx8.10-18)
Internet to Fidonet gateway
ifmail (2.14tx8.10-18)
Internet to Fidonet gateway
ircp (0.3-2)
Utility for "beaming" files via IRDA
isdneurofile (1:3.6.2005-01-03-5)
ISDN eurofile transfer tool
kernel-patch-misdn (0.0.0+cvs20050408-1)
Kernel patch adding the mISDN drivers to the kernel tree
kernel-patch-mppe (2.4.2+20040216-4)
MPPE Encryption for PPP
libgnokii2 (0.6.5-1)
Gnokii library
libgnokii2-dev (0.6.5-1)
Gnokii library
lrzsz (0.12.21-4.0.1 [s390], 0.12.21-4 [alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, sparc])
Tools for zmodem/xmodem/ymodem file transfer
mgetty (1.1.33-2)
Smart Modem getty replacement
mgetty-docs (1.1.33-2)
Documentation Package for mgetty
mgetty-fax (1.1.33-2)
Faxing tools for mgetty
mgetty-pvftools (1.1.33-2)
Programs for listening and manipulating pvf and rmd files
mgetty-viewfax (1.1.33-2)
Program for displaying Group-3 Fax files under X
mgetty-voice (1.1.33-2)
Voicemail handler for mgetty
minicom (2.1-9)
friendly menu driven serial communication program
misdn-kernel-headers (0.0.0+cvs20050408-1)
Header files for the mISDN drivers
misdn-kernel-source (0.0.0+cvs20050408-1)
Source code for the mISDN modules
misdn-utils (0.0.0+cvs20041018-4)
mISDN userspace utilities
misdn-voipisdn (0.0.0+cvs20041018-4)
VoIP over ISDN utility
obexftp (0.10.7-3)
file transfer utility for devices that use the OBEX protocol
obexserver (1.0-3)
Receive files with OBEX protocol
openam (1.1.18+20050304-1.0.1 [s390], 1.1.18+20050304-1 [alpha, arm, hppa, i386, ia64, m68k, mips, mipsel, powerpc, sparc])
H.323 answering machine
openh323gk (1:
Legacy package for openh323gk that you should remove
openmcu (2.1.0-1)
H.323 conferencing server
openobex-apps (1.0.0-rel-6)
Applications for OpenOBEX
picocom (1.4-1)
minimal dumb-terminal emulation program
portslave (2005.04.03)
Terminal server that does PPP and authenticates via RADIUS
pstngw (1.3.1-3)
H.323 to PSTN gateway
rate-engine (0.5.4-1)
Asterisk least cost routing module
scmxx (0.7.5-2)
Exchange data with Siemens mobile phones
sendpage-client (0.9.14-4)
An easy-to-use Unix tool for sending pages
sendpage-common (0.9.14-4)
An easy-to-use Unix tool for sending pages
sendpage-server (0.9.14-4)
An easy-to-use Unix tool for sending pages
setserial (2.17-40)
Controls configuration of serial ports
seyon (2.20c-16)
Full-featured native X11 communications program
simph323 (1.15.3-2)
Simple example from the OpenH323 project
sip-tester (1.1rc1-3)
a performance testing tool for the SIP protocol
smsclient (2.0.8z-4)
A program for sending short messages (SM / SMS)
smssend (3.4-2)
Utility to send SMS messages to GSM mobile phones
smstools (1.14.8-1sarge0)
SMS Server Tools for GSM modems
snooper (19991202-3)
Captures communication between two external serial devices
sredird (2.2.1-1.1)
RFC 2217 compliant Telnet serial port redirector
startalk (0.4-4)
Read/Write Motorola StarTac Phone Book Entries via Serial
t38modem (0.8.0+20050304-1)
T.38 Fax over IP Pseudo Modem
tkusr (0.81)
GUI to manage the Self-mode of USR/3COM Message modems
tua (4.3-7)
The UUCP Analyzer
uqwk (2.21-10)
Offline mail and news package creator (NNTP version)
virtuelles Paket, bereitgestellt durch uqwk-spool
uqwk-spool (2.21-10)
Offline mail and news package creator (spool version)
usrp (0.8-1) [contrib]
control applications and firmware for the USRP
usrp-firmware (0.8-1) [contrib]
control applications and firmware for the USRP
uucp (1.07-12)
Unix to Unix Copy Program
wvdial (1.54.0-1.1)
PPP dialer with built-in intelligence
xringd (1.20-23)
Extended Ring Daemon - Monitor phone rings and take action.
xtel (3.3.0-5)
An X emulator of the French Minitel