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Paketti: fileutils (4.1-10) [essential]

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GNU file management utilities

This package contains the essential system utilities to manipulate files on your system. Included in this package are commands to change the permissions on files, list the files in a directory, create new directories, and list free disk space, among other things.

The specific utilities included are: chgrp chmod chown cp dd df dir dircolors du install ln ls mkdir mkfifo mknod mv rm rmdir shred touch vdir sync.

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alpha 782.0 kt2,268.0 kt no current information
arm 720.7 kt2,260.0 kt no current information
hppa 785.5 kt2,340.0 kt no current information
i386 693.6 kt1,928.0 kt no current information
ia64 902.3 kt2,924.0 kt no current information
m68k 677.3 kt2,128.0 kt no current information
mips 786.2 kt2,660.0 kt no current information
mipsel 784.6 kt2,660.0 kt no current information
powerpc 733.4 kt2,284.0 kt no current information
s390 722.5 kt2,272.0 kt no current information
sparc 765.7 kt2,364.0 kt no current information