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Paketti: libxaw7 (4.1.0-16woody7) [security]

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X Athena widget set library

Xaw is a widget set based on the the Xt (X Toolkit Intrinsics) library. It provides a set of graphical user-interface elements ("widgets") such as menus, scrollbars, dialog boxes, text-input areas, and so forth. The X clients distributed with the X Window System itself, as well as many others, use the Athena widget set.

XFree86 has made a number of major improvements to the Athena widget set, resulting in version 7 -- this version features widgets customizable in appearance and event handling (a.k.a. "themes"); an extensible image loader (currently supports bitmaps, gradients, and pixmaps); numerous enhancements to the Text widget, text source and text sink objects; and multiple-column support in the SimpleMenu widget.

The older Athena widget library corresponding to version X11R6.4 of the X Window System can be found in the libxaw6 package.

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alpha 258.9 kt692.0 kt no current information
arm 236.2 kt560.0 kt no current information
hppa 259.2 kt580.0 kt no current information
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ia64 333.3 kt972.0 kt no current information
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powerpc 228.0 kt576.0 kt no current information
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